Platinum PURPLE KUSH Strain

Platinum Purple Kush strain’s aroma is subtle and earthy with sweet overtones typical of Kush varieties. Buy Platinum Purple Kush strain Online, Blissful, long-lasting euphoria blankets the mind while physical relaxation rids the body of pain, sleeplessness, and stress. Legal Purple Kush For Sale Online, Purple Kush… where do we start. Where to buy Purple Kush Online, Lets see, smoke a bowl of this and your body will go straight into a relaxed state.


Right after you smoke that bowl or finish the rest of your joint you’re not going to help but notice the sativa effects of the strain kicking in. Purple Kush For Sale Online, It’s crazy how an Indica strain like this can have the happy and euphoric feelings of a Sativa but at the same time be the RELAXATION machine you are looking for. Discreet Purple Kush For Sale Online, If nothing else, Buy Platinum Purple Kush strain Near Me, Purple Kush is fantastic for relaxation.

Strain Name: Purple kush /Sour Diesel

: Grade AAA ++

: Indica and Sativa GREAT STRAIN

: Very lime green covered in white crystals with a lot of fuzzy orange hairs

Smell: Little smell, but the scent that you smell is like a Skunky kind of smell.

Taste: Very firey taste but i didnt care it was amazing!

Effects: Halluscination, dizzyness, extreme hunger and thirst.

Potency: Extremely potent, one hit had me going with a pretty good buzz for 30 minutes or so. About 5-10 hits later I was intensely high and it lasted for about 3 hours.

Good Strain For

Side Effects of Smoking Platinum Sour Diesel Kush Strain

  • Positive Side Effects

Platinum Purple Kush strain makes patients feel relaxation, euphoria, happiness, hunger, and a general uplifting mood. Medicinally, Platinum Kush is most known to relieve stress, pain, insomnia, depression, and nausea.

  • Negative side effects

Not many ill side-effects have been reported by reviewers about the Platinum Kush strain besides the normal ones of dry eyes and mouth. Some have mentioned slight phases of paranoia that quickly wind down.

Is thePlatinum Purple Kush strain Good For Anxiety?

Platinum Kush strains have the most calming effect on the body. When smoked, relaxation sets in immediately.

How to Buy Platinum Purple Kush strain online

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