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Buy Backpack Boyz: Exotic Weed Strains for For all weed lovers on the go

Backpack Boyz is an L.A-based cannabis brand whose products bring the same energy to customers as brands like Supreme and Rolls Royce. Backpack Boyz boast an image of a lifestyle filled with cars, clothes, and bankrolls that you can see reflected across their social media and through their California-grown cannabis strains. The team’s passion for this fast-lane lifestyle also shines through in its line of branded apparel. Both the brand’s clothing and high-quality cannabis can be found at their store: 5 Points Los Angeles. 

BackPack Boyz Strain available for sale

The Backpack Boyz catalog of strains is unique in that it features unusual combinations of flavors, aromas, and effects. This means memorable experiences for customers through every strain. The packaging on each strain is another way that the brand continues to build up its flashy, premium image.